What is the future of social media?

The future of social media must be written such that you can understand better.
If your friends are 900 in number and you talk to 140 characters every time, what exactly does “friend” really mean? In 2012, people living in the United States were said to have spent 121 BILLION of their minutes on some popular social media. Now let me break that down for you. In a month, that’s 231,000 YEARS Bieber retweets. Now, most people may think its a bad thing. That we could actually be rewiring our children’s brains so that Generation Z no longer has any way of knowing how to interact in the real world.

future of social network

If social media is not real interaction, what is?
Is your normal talking on phone a way to socialize or interact?
Or is writing any kind of letter better?

These are several ways we might have breached space and even time just to communicate.
So isn’t social media just the next step?

In fact, we should not name it social media. This is the next-generation social life.
Imagine you go into a museum with your eyeglasses. Around you, everyone’s looking at famous works of art or sculptures. But you flip up your glasses to see clearly. Just like in Facebook feed, you can identify what lots of people have to say concerning any art. Or go to the next door present at the restaurant and take a look at the menu.
There you can find what lots of these people liked.

Many years ago, when you finished high school, you could prefer to meet and interact with them frequently just as you would play soccer all the time.
But today, because of Twitter and Facebook I can’t go a day without knowing that my old virtual assistant had yet another breakfast.
Could this be redefining the meaning of friendship? Someone like Robin Dunbar said that any human can keep a certain number of friendships.
So you can maintain about 150 reasonable friendships without hassle.

So, do you think social media has blown these numbers? Well, not yet. Typically, we can say that the average person has 190 friends. And on Twitter people can interact with 100 and 200 persons. So we have not altered anything yet.

What is in the future?
Social media changes based on the emergence of billions of pf people’s behavior from all over the world under local rules and creates unpredictable patterns.

It’s the same as your teacher who helps to correct your written statements or grammar. It is the same as your partner who prefers to share every post here all the time. But it’s not superficial.

We have real experience in social change using social media. I mean behavior who would have thought the same thing, like lets me tell you what I had for lunch. So even if there is a limit to the number of characters one can type into a message box when interacting, it doesn’t change to reduce the immense growth of the network.

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