The best way to ask for a $100 iTunes card

Before you ask for a gift card, most especially if you live in Nigeria, first know how much it is in naira. That way, you won’t end up wishing you receive real money instead. After doing that, take the direct approach to asking. Just say – Please give me an iTunes card. Or Can I have an iTunes card? But other times, it’s better to be more indirect, showing your appreciation and asking for the gift indirectly instead of outright begging for it.

In this article, we’ll discuss both approaches in detail and help you decide which one might work best for your client.

$100 iTunes card

If you’re hoping to receive an iTunes gift card from a client, there are some ways you can prepare that will make it more likely they’ll give you one. To get your hands on one of these valuable presents, take time before each meeting or presentation to review your goals and outcomes with your boss.

When it comes time for them to ask if you have any questions or requests, consider asking them directly if they have any promotional gift cards that can be sent over with next month’s invoice. It’s better to be straightforward than passive; most people would rather say yes than no.

Asking for a gift or a favor can be awkward, especially if you don’t know what exactly to say. Don’t waste time looking up tips and tricks; instead, stick with what works! When I was growing up, I never had trouble asking someone anything; now that I’m older (and in business), things seem more complicated.

Keep it simple by saying something like: I know times are tough right now, but my goal is to help people reduce their debt and improve their credit score – would it be OK if I sent over a marketing package? Thank you so much! See how easy that was?

The whole thing should take no longer than 15 seconds. You might also want to think about having your materials pre-prepared before you ever pick up the phone—if possible, create some sort of incentive for them (like those iTunes cards mentioned above) if they let you send some information over via email. If your materials are complete and thorough enough, they might consider inviting you out to show them around without even asking first!

Your clients want you to succeed since they are collaborating with your account. They want you to move up in your industry, get more clients, and feel fulfilled in your work. By asking them for an iTunes gift card, you’re not only suggesting that they recognize your hard work, but that they take part in helping you succeed.

The key is being humble and thankful: tell them how it will help further your career or promote a project of yours – now that’s some serious gratitude! Plus, if you show appreciation at every turn with your clients, you’ll always have repeat business. After all – who wouldn’t want to work with someone who appreciates them?

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